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What I Gave Myself for the Holidays

carrying it nonstop

I’m not a frequent bag shopper. But when I do hit the stores, I shop for something big.

Working two jobs, taking on a lot of high pressure challenges, and working 7 days a week. You should have something to show for it. I’m glad to have made enough and a great holiday season to justify a purchase. My very own Givenchy Antigona, Medium size in goatskin leather, in this amazing navy blue color.

Givenchy  Antigona Medium in Goatskin Navy Blue

It’s been a wonderful experience carrying this bag around. Just as I expected it to be. Been eyeing this bag too long, and it’s only right to reward myself after such a challenging year.

Some notes to Antigona buyers out there. When they took out the stock from the back, I took a look and found a dent on the sides where the pyramid hardware is located. Turns out it was shipped to the store with the triangle tip facing the side of the bag, and if I wasn’t careful looking at these things I would have brought home a dented bag.

It feels like the leather is going to patina over time. Yes the color is navy blue, but I have a gut feeling the handles are going to be darker over time. You can’t escape it, lotions and alcohol will make that kind of chemistry with your bags. Though I don’t mind that at all. A friend of mine suggested a twilly, but come on – I’m a boy!

I also found that I almost never carry it zipped up. Because it’s hard to swiftly get in and out of and the handles get in the way when you zip it open or close.

So far, so awesome. And in time, I’ll set some time aside for reviews for the bags that I love and carry up until today. I work so much and take an awful lot of consideration in my purchases, so I never sell them off, and when I look back, I seem to have amassed a modest collection.

Hope you had a fantastic holiday like I did!

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