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TDF: Zeus Bags by Mallet & Co

Zeus Unflapped Untucked

Aren’t they just GORGZEUS? Looking like it’s drool worthy. Mallet & Co is shaping up to be my holiday favorite.

Heralding from Louis Vuitton and Mulberry, leather goods designer Nicholas Knightly has launched a start up company exclusive to Net-A-Porter. His start up company, Mallet & Co, has come to fruition. And launches online.

There are three styles so far in great, quiet color choices. Archie, Hanbury, and the one I like the most: Zeus.

mallet and co lineup

Archie. Hanbury. Zeus.

Nicholas Knightly was also behind the creative team who designed Mulberry’s Bayswater. Loved that bag. So I guess that’s why when I look at the lineup, the Zeus hits me the best.

Zeus Angled

The bag has several ways for wearing. So whichever way you wish to carry it the bag will suit your needs. Flaps and sides that wing out or tuck in allow you a lot of varying ways to achieve different looks for that one bag.

Zeus Tucked In Flap

Like a Birkin, it’s adorned with a lock in front that the flap can cover and you can put a lock on. You can tuck it in of course, and what’s great about it is the flap falls right above the zippered pocket. The lock is a functional lock, and can be unhinged withe the keys that you can hang in its elegant key fob. Beautiful.

Zeus Back

The back of the bag is a simple quiet version of the front.

Zeus Unflapped Untucked Mod Shot

Flap tucked in, wings out

Zeus Flapped Untucked

Flap out, wings out.

Zeus Flapped Tucked

Flap out, tucked wings.

I’ll leave it to the imagination of how it looks like with the wings tucked in and the flap inside. 😀

Available in black, white, and blue as featured in this blog post.

Buy exclusively at Net-A-Porter.

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