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In Love with Holmes Sophie Hulme Bags


Are you a square?

Sophie Hulme bags have been nice-to-watch brand over the years. Since the inception of the Holmes bags, it’s always been an interesting silent piece. The hardware in gold or silver, big squares by the handles, and comes in a deeper north/south tote, or the bowling bag east/west shape.

Of late, they’ve come out with nano versions of their lines in case that fancies you. But the one that catches my eye the most are the Holmes bags with wings.

Always a fan of a deep tote, and recently growing obsessed with wings akin to the Céline Phantom Luggage, or more closely, the Balenciaga Papier line.

It has a nice sleek shape, and the front has a small d-ring that allows you a space to clasp those bag charms that you love. It opens with a zipped top to a deep, spacious interior. It also clasps into a shoulder strap in case you want to go hands free.

Ad in case you fancy a boxier tote instead of a deep one, they have that for you too. In fact, the Holmes line comes in varying shapes and sizes to cater to whichever size you prefer to carry.

I think these are nice rocking styles that would last you a long time. Enjoy the gallery and shop online on their website!

Images from Sophie Hulme.


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