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Roger Vivier’s Pilgrim Day Bag is…

Pilgrim Bag

Why? Just Why?

I don’t get to go to formal events enough to warrant a clutch. But Roger Vivier has been in my sights in case I absolutely needed one. The simple square in is a nice silent hardware for a sleek clutch.


Gorg, right?

But sometimes, just because you have a common thread, doesn’t always mean it makes it gorgeous in all shapes and form. It’s very rare that designers get to pull it off in all sizes, like Proenza Schouler.

Seems Roger Vivier came up with the bag with too many details. It looks like a great silhouette, but it’s just a bit ew. Great leather, great sizes, but somehow a bit reminiscent of an actual pilgrim.

Pilgrim Boy

I just might cry

It comes in two sizes, small and medium, in price points USD $2,095 and USD $2,250, respectively. They both come with detachable slings, have a zippered pocket, and (would have been) a sleek bag. Made in Italy of course, with awesome Italian leather. The sides come with adjustable sizes so you can tighten or loosen it up.

The medium size is a few inches bigger, making the square clasp a bit smaller in comparison.

The flap hooks underneath the pilgrim square, so you can leave it tucked into it, or tuck it into the bag. Many YSL Ligne Tote users leave the Y hardware flapping backwards into the back to get it off the way, and I reckon it would be similar to carriers of this bag. If it ever takes on. But for now, in my jerk reaction to this bag, it makes me sad to see this concept as drab.

I’m often a fan of variable ways of wearing a bag, addicted to detachable slings. This bag’s adjustable sides and tuckable wings make it an interesting piece. But somehow, the face is just wrong. Making me so sad about it. I like rooting for smaller brands, but I’m just out of words for this piece.

Images from Roger Vivier.

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