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Obsessed with Prada Glace Calf Leather Tote

Prada Glace Calf Leather Tote.png

Sometimes, luxury can be as silent as a small triangle.

While the wing silhouette was primarily driven by Céline in the past several years, some say that the robot face is starting to be dated. It seems the streets have shied away from the Phantoms and Luggages from the French fashion house, and owners have set it aside.

My preference on handbags seem to be leaning towards a more timeless scale. This does not somehow exclude me from the fascination of winged bags. And while I’m lusting for my own Phantom Luggage, I keep hesitating from making the purchase because I can’t commit to the robot face winged beauty. While I know this Prada bag is an oldie in fashion standards, it seems to be an underrated bag that in my perspective has become a silent choice for a few. Making it lure me to considering it as a special, unique choice in my search for the next handbag.

Available in many colors, and is in continuous production every season, the bag is shaping up to be a staple design. However, as constant as its presence is in the lineup of saffiano bags, the name of this bag seems so elusive. There doesn’t seem to be one unified name for it. As with Prada product names, they are not as identifiable as other brands are with theirs.

This bag has been called Dettagli, BN2619, Glace Calf Leather Tote, or Twin Pocket Tote. The Prada e-Store, as of this writing, lists the bag as 1BG619. So confusing!


The bag features a nice mouth zip on the front and the back. The top opens up a thin zipper that goes opposite each other. Inside, is a nice Prada Monogram lining, with a zipped pocket in the deeper end on the back, plus a leather pocket below it. Some variations have a leather lining, but I guess these are priced a bit more expensively.

The bag comes with a cross body sling, and while I’m a fan of slings, this may be a bag that I will not have it latched when carried around. Until I have one, I won’t be able to tell. But I should soon!


It’s a nice wide bag, that trapezes from the base to the top. All winged bags end up looking like this I guess (physics maybe). But I adore this fact as it helps the magnetic latch to stick to each other and “closes” this open tote when carried around.

Size Comparison Approximation

Size Comparison (Approximation). Left to Right: Small, Medium, Large

The base is supported with metal feet to keep the leather at the bottom abit away from rough surfaces, and it doesn’t sag as much as the Cèline Phantom because it isn’t as wide as it’s direct competitor in silhouettes. This bag comes in various sizes, and since I love big bags, the photos in this post is for the large.


A closer look of the front.


Some owners of the bag compliment the soft saffiano calf skin. And is so happy about the resistance with scratches. Saffiano may feel like plastic to some, but calf skin is thin and delicate, which is why it is laminated so much. The bag is significantly lighter than the Phantom and the Mini Luggage from Cèline.

But with all that lamination, many say that the leather is prone to water marks and stains. It darkens and makes a puddle on the outlines on where it was whisked with rain or drinks. Some say better to get a darker one. But the lighter color ones look so beautiful.

This is a much more beautiful and “faceless” alternative to the Phantom, don’t you think? I think I know what to ask Santa for Christmas now!

Images from Prada.

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