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My Five Favorite SLGs


Bag organization is one of the virtues every bag carrier needs. And here are a few things that can help you sort things out your bag.

I’ve mentioned compartmentalizing before, and to this day, I still live by it. I know where exactly my items are in my bag because they are all sorted out in pouches inside.

Brand discrimination is not necessary. And who cares if mostly they’re called cosmetic cases? Just because they’re called make up holders, doesn’t necessarily mean a boy can’t use them. They’re great holders for earphones, cellphone chargers, keys, lotions, and most importantly sanitary alcohols! And I like zip up items to keep them together.

And in case you are in the market for small leather goods. Here are a few of my favorite things!


Now this brand is not that expensive, but you can always rely on their leather goods. This season we have hologram leather available, and of course there are the more classic ones available if you’re shy to test out extremes for small leather goods.

Coach Cosmetic Case 22 in Hologram Leather


Fendi is quite daunting sometimes. But one of the tricks I’ve learned is to ease into a brand you’re not comfortable yet is start with their SLGs.

Fendi Selleria Make Up Case 1

Fendi Selleria Make Up Case 2

This make up case doesn’t break the bank so much (like a Peekaboo might!), and you can try on the quality and fantastic leather options of Fendi with this baby case. I like to reserve my high end leather pouches for things I use a lot, so something like this would end up being my work stuff pouch for pens and gadget paraphernalia.


The Gucci Swing Leather Pouch is a thin thing.

Gucci Swing Leather Pouch 1

Gucci Swing Leather Pouch 2

Because of its thinner base, I normally reserve this for holding bills and some cash. Normally I’d use these as an emergency evening clutch for when I leave my bag in the car and carry out only my several essentials for evening events. But on a normal everyday, these hold cards and some emergency cash just in case I run out from my wallet.

Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch

Ah, LV. Whether you go monogram or epi, these are a great way to carry around stuff in your bag.

LV Cosmetic Pouch 1

LV Cosmetic Pouch 2

For some reason, I reserve my LV for holding my medicines. I like popping pills – head ache? Bust out the LV. Feeling feverish? Pew pew pew, LV. Allergies? I’ll check my LV pouch! It’s an enjoyable piece that I like digging around in, finding my lip gloss. I just love it and can’t live without it.


When I saw this, I fell in love.

Long Champ Le Foulonné Cosmetic Case

The leather is just pebbledly divine. And the jockey is my favorite. It’s a nice holder for glasses, microfiber wipes, and oil blotting films, a bit of concealer! So these are becoming my favorite holder for my face stuff. And the zipper is most divine.



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