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Ride the Waves with the Tod’s Wave Bag


It must be because of Tod’s insanely gorgeous campaign pushing the Wave bag out there, or it simply is a ridiculously gorgeous bag.

Tod's Wave Campaign 3

I’m not entirely a big fan of Tod’s in the bag department. There has been a number of lines launched by the brand and it felt nothing but meh. It felt like the brand carried more of an older person’s choice of handbags. So this season’s line could either be exceptionally gorgeous, or I could very well be just getting older?

Tod's Wave Campaign 1

Medium and Small Wave Bags

As with any bag line, and the popularity of smaller versions of anything and everything, the Wave Bag comes in two sizes, the medium, and the small.

It’s a single top handle bag. Beautifully constructed. And a departure from the usual square form factor. If the Antigona made love with a Kelly perhaps, this would be their baby? That’s how I picture this bag.

Tod's Wave Campaign 2

It comes in a variety of textures and colors, and it’s just dam pretty.

Tod's Wave Bag 2

The one I’m eye-ing is the tri-color taupe/white/black combination. So gorgeous. It comes with a nicely waving double pull zippers that go edge to edge. And what’s so unique about this bag is that the sides snap out to allow you to tear open the bag with its wide mouth when fully opened.

Tod's Wave Bag 3

The back of the bag is a simple snap on pocket, for quick pullsies and putsies.

Tod's Wave Bag 7

The inside of the bag reveals a nice metal base where the handles are situated. We have a nice zipped pocket inside, and the interior is lined in leather too.

Tod's Wave Bag 4

The only personal gripe I have with the bag is it has a flat top handle. That’s going to be a bit sharp to carry, but that should be solvable with a sleeve.

Tod's Wave Bag 8

A boy can carry this bag too!

Drooling yet? Swing by Tod’s and see it for yourself!

Images from Tod’s

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