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Catch Some Sun with the Soleil Bucket Bags

01 Stingray Soleil Bucket Bag PLOne sunny afternoon, I caught sight of a lady in a café with a bag so eloquently relaxing beside her. It was so wonderful. Clean lines, practical handles and sling. And that demure little elegance was such a sight, I took it a sign: “I want!”

There are various cowhide versions of the bag, but the one aesthetically that drew me in is the black and white one in stingray leather. As with exotic bags it is only for the sake of being exotic. It doesn’t necessarily do your hair and make up, or fix your taxes. However, the texture is fantastic in person as it is in pictures.

03 Stingray Soleil Bucket Bag PL

The bag is so simple, that it doesn’t have any exterior pockets. There is a freebie though, a pouch you can pull in and out.

02 Stingray Soleil Bucket Bag PL

All you’ll be able to see is the editorial simplicity and just that silent leather bag you can put on your table in an afternoon at a café so others end up wanting the same bag you have.

Images from SSENSE.

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