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Duffle Up with Gucci GGs

Gucci Caleido, GG Blooms, GG Supreme Duffel

GG Duffle

Boys rejoice, there’s a new bag in town!

Coated canvas bags are a boys best friend. They’re easy to stow and fun to carry around, full or even partially filled, it’s no question when you want to carry around a big honking bag.

In classic Eden GG Supreme canvas, or this season’s GG Caleido print, or the more daring GG Blooms print, it’s a bit of a push for the envelope, but Gucci’s been fond of playing with usually feminine prints for the men’s line. I don’t mind at all.

Eden GG Sumpreme

Classic styles are always a good safe bet. And it’s not surprising to see this bag in classic Gucci form. This is an awesome basic choice for anyone.

GG Caleido

Definitely an adventurous bet. Almost like an optical illusion. I’m not a big fan of this bag, but I guess when it comes to prints, polarity is always expected when bold prints come your way.

GG Blooms

And here we have a lighter, fresher take on prints. Though it wouldn’t be my fall choice as we are almost easing out of summer. I find this fantastically daring, a real ground breaking piece. You see the goodness GG Supreme, and the gleeful floral designs decorating the bag in just the right spots.

Do note that the online Gucci catalogue under the men’s section has been updated to reflect the current styles for sale. And the line is a pretty long line, from duffles to totes to backpacks and more! So head on to your nearest Gucci stores for a wonderful treat.

Images from Gucci.


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