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Swing to the Weekend with the Denim Patchwork Saturday Cabas


There’s always something about the weekend that makes you want to spring that new bag. And if you’re looking for one to swing around, go denim.

So wonderful that it only comes in this style, the denim patchwork with meticulous stitching and leather mixing in makes this bag an interesting and fun to use piece.


The hanging tag doesn’t really do anything other than making it frilly and pretty, and it can stay there if you want, or pull it out if you don’t care for it. But it’s pretty clear that this is a pretty bag. The denim used isn’t the kind that is dyed too deep to cause color transfer. In fact, they look to be washed and oh so awesome.

When using a denim bag, careful with colored liquid spills, they can stick to the bag. But denim is always a wonderfully sturdy material that ages just as good with good leather.


Grab one yourself online via Phillip Lim.

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