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From Deauville to Alize 24H

blue Cuir Ombré leather

Alize 24H Monogram Canvas and Blue Cuir Ombré Leather

LV’s classic designs are always wonderful to look back to. And to collect one feels like capturing a timeless piece that’s been around years ago, and will remain relevant the following years to come.

Owning a Deauville was always a fantasy of mine. But I always chicken out when I’m in the market for bags because it’s tired and old and the luster of the bag has sizzled out. It has the worn out formula of what you’d expect from an Louis Vuitton piece. Natural leather that patinas beautifully, and the monogram canvas.

louis-vuitton-deauville-monogram-canvas-travel--M47270_PM2_Front view

Women’s Deauville. Classic.

It is, to this day, a beautiful piece. It’s still something that will eventually be carried by me someday. But it seems we’ll be skipping that day because the men’s section contains a similar design in the name of Alize 24H. The dimensions have changed and though the men’s version is a bit taller and wider sides, it retains the length and achieves a boxier type of bag.

louis-vuitton-alize-24h-ombre-leather-travel--M50526_PM2_Front view

Alize 24H Monogram Canvas and Cuir Eclipse Leather

Boys get to enjoy the new monogram and blue cuir ombré combination, a slate blue wonder that refreshes a Louis Vuitton piece to current times. Or, for a bit subdued V Line style sophistication, get an Alize 24H in Cuir Eclipse leather, where keyfobs and slings are made of the monogram LV canvas. (Inverse of the usual approach)

We’ve seen these in the Men’s Runway F/W 2015. And they’re out in the stores now, finally! (Not all of them though). In case you want them in classic natural leather though, they’re still available. And still beautiful.

Trunks Luggages (2)

F/W 2015 Runway

Trunks Luggages (7)

The beautiful Cuir Eclipse

They’re a beauty, but of course, it costs an arm and a leg baby!

Images from Louis Vuitton

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