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Heartbreak #2: Saint Laurent Large Sac De Jours Are Disappearing


Here we go again. I’ve shared with you my heartbreak about the new large size change of the Sac De Jour in a previous post. And now, for fans of the large one at least, we have even sadder news.

You’ll notice the dwindling displays of the Sac De Jours in Saint Laurent stores. At least the ones I frequent. And you’d be surprised you’ll see four small variations of the bag. Seems everyone’s buying into the teeny-tiny bag market, and Saint Laurent is adjusting to the demands.

Toy Nano Baby Small

Toy. Nano. Baby. Small. No Large.

But big bag lovers who like this style may find a bit of diappointment to see that the shapes have gone oh so small. And might be a bit awkward to carry for my taste.

I’m heartbroken and can’t say any more. If it’s just a temporary situation, then we’ll wait a few seasons to see new offerings of the SDJs in large. If it’s not, then get one now before all is lost. For now, they are dwindling in numbers. You can opt for the pre-loved market though if you want choices. Or third party sellers. (But this just opens up a new heartbreak all over so let’s stop here!)

Are you sad about this news just like I am?


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