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12 Reasons Why You MUST Have A Poppy Lissiman Clutch


Clutches aren’t always supposed to be stuffy and formal. And, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cough up thousands of dollars for that one piece. In one’s lifetime, you don’t always have to carry around a big bag. There are days when a simple clutch is more than enough to get you through the day.

Funky sometimes crosses the border to crazy town. And it’s not that bad to have fun printed all over your teeny-tiny arm candy. With the right elements, and the right price point, you won’t question why it’s so cool to carry around Poppy Lissiman clutch.

Here’s the run down why!

1. Fun and functional

Get in and out of it with just one zip. Have any bag charms lying around? Clasp them on. Have a plain simple outfit? Splash with a bit of printed clutch. These are so adorable!

2. Clutch collectibles

These clutches use faux leather, so it’s real affordable. I’m not exclusively an all leather all the time kind of bagger. There are faux leather options that are forgiveably and fantastically executed that you wouldn’t mind them at all not having come from an animal’s hide.


3. Printed clutches spruces up the outfit

Metallics are always great to carry around bright sunny days. And it’s always a great focal point when you’re wearing a monochromatic wardrobe. Have fun with fashion!


4. Straightforward street style

It’s not always a big brand big bag day. Sometimes you just need to rush out and have a handy clutch to hold some cash, sunglasses, and a cellphone.


5. Original and logoless

Poppy Lissiman has put itself in the map by their bold prints and fun elements, not some metal piece of logo that is painted on as a monogram. It’s just so refreshing to focus on the bag, and not the brand sometimes.


6. Enviable and admirable

It takes a certain eye to adore small fashion accessories made with considerable effort and creativity, and while you can’t take your eyes off your clutch, other are for sure interested where you got them too. Always a nice conversation piece, without flaunting your ability of being able to buy snooty, snobbish french names.


7. Useable anywhere, anytime

Pool? No problem. Beach? Sure fine! What I love about faux leather is you don’t have to worry about getting it wet, or putting it somewhere that might scratch it. I hate agonizing about nicks. And with faux leather, rubbery and laminated, care becomes carefree when you’re busy and having fun!


8. Detachable wristlets

I love detachables. You can do away with it whenever you please. So if you wish to use a wristlet, every purchase of a Poppy Lissman is paired with a wristlet, but not stitched into the clutch. Use it when you feel it, or get rid of it if you don’t need it!


9. A great bag organiser

I love bright colored small bags to put inside my big bags. It’s easier to spot in the bottomless pit. These clutches can serve as an inside pocket on your other bags, and can serve as partition to separate your things. Love compartmentalizing because I’m an organizing freak!


10. Surprisingly spacious (for a clutch!)

It’s not too tight that you can’t put in a number of things. For a clutch, it’s sized nicely so that you can put in glasses, a cellphone, some gum, some cash/cards, keys, and even maybe a lipgloss. Just the right size when you need just the right essentials.


11. Trends that go against the trend

I’m sure everyone’s going crazy about the mini sized versions of bags of fashion houses, but come on, really? Some of them you can’t even fit anything inside. They’re mostly adornments. So seeing these small, funky bags on the market is so refreshing, because finally we have something small we can actually use!


12. No brainer purchase

These bags are less than $100 USD per pop. So any impulse buying is guilt-free, even if you should so decide to buy five!


We’re not always slaves to the big brand names. And as I’ve said before, when going small, go crazy with a bold statement. These are so affordable, thanks to the use of faux leather, that you can basically enjoy a new one any time you wish. No need for thinking of getting the right one and beat yourself over which one to pick. You can just order one any time you wish whenever you feel like it!

Can’t wait to get one? Order online! View the galleries on their website.

Shop at the funkiest online store: Poppy Lissiman

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