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The Cabacity Hermès is a 2-in-1 Combo


So we’ve seen them twice the last two seasons. It’s time for a reveal. What is the Cabacity? Find out here!

I’ve always wondered why I’ve seen several styles that doesn’t really makes sense. There’s the tote that inexplicably have some equestrian styled sides but the function is somehow unidentifiable in one glance. Then there’s the hobo, which somehow fails to wow by itself.

The Tote

Form factor is a wow. Seriously sized, and maybe because of the hardware, it is an interesting piece. You may have seen them in previous posts. We’ve seen it in Tan, Black (with different colored string things inside! – more on that later!), and the lovely Maroon from Fall/Winter 2015.

The Hobo

We haven’t seen it other than what we saw carried over the shoulder on one of the models in the last Spring/Summer 2016 runway. I initially thought it was boring. But I was wrong!

Hobo Black
The Cabacity = Tote + Hobo!

Little did we know that it is one of two parts. Independent and complementary. The hobo fits into the bag and buckles into it! So you can use them separately, or together, whichever way you want! That is such an absolutely wonderful innovative design from the French fashion house. All too exhilarating for the Men’s Leather Goods section.

Though I haven’t seen them from Hermès stores nearby, I highly suspect that these are bought as a set, and hopefully, you can buy new hobos to put inside (kind of like the interchangeable Herbag).


Unbuckle the sides and…


Voila, pull out a shoulder bag!


Use them separately


Or carry them both!


My new love: Cabacity

Watch the video and see for yourself!

Hermès Maroquinerie Homme from Bouchées Doubles on Vimeo.

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