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Dior Is Dapper In Camouflage


Dior’s clothes look so dapper. And it seems camouflage continues to be a trend, even for leather goods. Let’s go!

Big boys need refined toys. And Dior delivers. You’ve seen the small leather goods, like the Folio above, with an awesome army camouflage print. And they take this across the lines with clothes, and a subdued sporadic sprinkling across the collection of leather bags. Let’s jump to the collections now.


You’ll notice the trimmings are fantastically camouflage. With a hint of something strong orange hues here and there. Have you seen the scrumptuous tan leather too?

String Backpacks

There are two kinds of backpacks featured. And like Valentino, it looks like they’re harking on the 90s too with a string backpack/bucket bag style. I guess 90s silhouettes are coming back!


There are several briefcases in show this season. All slim, all leather. But we see one with a flapped front pocket (My favorite! Check out the croc!), one with slim pockets in front split in half, and one with a silent high pocket for a simpler facade.

In any case, these briefcases are so dapper.

Carry All

Now these are awesome. Thick, squarish, gentlemanly. Loving the bright tan with camou!

Images from Fashionishing

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