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Versace And The Birkin Bug: Spring/Summer 2016


NOT a Birkin!

I really like the Birkin. And for a fashion house like Versace, I’d expected more from them. Though they’re not a bag fashion house, they have a super nice bag collection, however, why did they through a Birkin copy into the mix?

Though Versace isn’t really something I’d consider a bag brand, they do have leather goods. Mostly it’s exclusive for women, too feminine for boy bag lovers though, but seeing the Men’s Spring/Summer 2016 line made me want to try to consider it, except maybe for the Birkin looking Carry All. (more of that later). Let’s start!


Color choices are a bit weird, but maybe because the theme is Spring/Summer. It has a logo emblazoned pocket outside and a strong base.

versace-mens-backstage-spring-summer-2016-mfw71 versace-mens-backstage-spring-summer-2016-mfw93

Duffel Bags

The Duffel Bags are nothing out of the ordinary. Except maybe for that big honking face hardware!

versace-mens-backstage-spring-summer-2016-mfw75 versace-mens-backstage-spring-summer-2016-mfw84

Suit Bag

Now this is a nice touch. It looks like it’s an actual suit bag that you can use for your Versace suits, but if you look closer, the wide zipper and patched sides look like you can use it as a bag, and not exclusively for suits. I’ll know more as more information about the bags come out.

Some one off pieces look great. Like the Backpack which all designers have included this Milan Fashion Week, along with a boxy Briefcase.

Backpack Boxy Briefcase

Carry All (Not A Birkin)

And now we’ve come to this point. I’m not sure why they did this. Though it’s a nice bag, I’m not sure if I’ll be a fan of it. It’s too reminescent of the Birkin. And no matter how big the metal face is going to be, The flaps and form factor looks too Hermès.

I wish Hermès came out with HACs for the Men’s S/S 2016, but they chose to be boring. So I guess Versace decided to fill in the gaps?

Images from Fashionising


  1. Wondering where I can find the Versace Birkin bag? I have looked online and cannot seem to find where it is sold and the price!


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