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MCM Goes K-POP With Bionic Line


When I travel around Asia, it’s extremely noticeable that –  next to the monogram Louis Vuitton bags you see everywhere – that the MCM monogram is everywhere. And in South Korea, it seems to be the go to bag of all the stylish ladies and gentlemen everywhere.

I’m not sure why MCM hasn’t been picked up as a cool brand elsewhere, but there’s no denying it is popular with Koreans. So it makes so much sense that the brand has picked up a popular South Korean EXO band to partner with a new line called Bionic.

Let me walk you through these ultra cool pieces! All the bags are geometric styled, looking like spaceships, that’s far too awesome and unique. This will up the ante for its cool factor, which hopefully get’s picked up worldwide. The brand has an awesome understated collection.

Shopper Totes

Open tops and shoulder bags are always easy and fun to carry around. And with its metallic and cleverly hidden M, you get the beauty of something graphic without dealing so much with a brand name. You don’t know if it’s a slutty robot, an M, or  just some random graffiti. Fun to have a pouch inside the bag too!


Of course there are backpacks! MCM hit gold with the studded monogram tan backpacks, so it’s no surprise to see it at the best highlight of the line.

Bucket Bag (For Boys)

Oh thank God! People who want to get a Mansur Gavriel but can’t get one, or would like to have the silhouette in something edgy, you can definitely count on these bucket bags. I’m more than willing to eschew the “wait list” and cheats for bucket bags from MG, so I’ll go straight to MCM to fill this need.


These are beautiful.


No bag lover is without a folio. So whether you prefer a small one or a bigger one, the Bionic line’s got you covered.

Small Leather Goods: Wrist Clutches and Fanny Packs

Wrist Clutches are functional, but that doesn’t say they can’t be stylish too. These are adorable! And beats any micro/useless bags available in the market.

Seems it’s going to be a men’s fashion trend now and soon, like the backpacks, the fanny packs are coming back, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop it. So just join the trend. I especially like it when fanny packs are carried over the shoulder instead of around the waist.

Images from MCM Worldwide

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