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Loving Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2016


Last season’s Fall/Winter 2015 line showed us a lot of small sling bags and large duffels. Seems silhouettes continue to be the same, but less SLGs (small leather goods) and more big bags.

F/W 2015 had a nicer set of bags. But this season’s runway is fabulous just the same. We see an azur or white version of the monogram canvas, and the blue version of the monogram canvas. It used to be just the Damier line, but seems monograms are still kicking.


I’m not sure why many 90s (as far as I can tell) design influences are coming back, but since I love that decade, it’s so refreshing to see it in the runways!


Gucci has something similar already. But it’s beyond anyone’s control. Bucket bags are here to stay. And it’s so good to see Epi leather again.


Louis Vuitton has a nice collection of messengers, but I have to admit, it’s raging. Finally something familiar but something new, making the men’s department alluring.


This one’s my favorite!


Looking more like LV’s V line, but it’s always been a vague category. Hopefully they ditch that sporty branding and just make it mainstream. And looks like they’re doing it!

Small Leather Goods

This is the best part. Epi. Crocodile. And they’re so beautiful. These are perhaps the best part of the bunch. They are actually wrist clutches, that open up a whole new style. While men are mostly left out with the Petit Malle, it looks like we’ll have our own line in the men’s department to fawn over these petit clutches.

We also see the nice folios.


BONUS: Duffel

Last season’s collections let us see a bunch of KeepAlls and overnighters, but this season we have a nice, new form factor duffel. IN LOVE WITH THESE!!!

DuffelImages from Fashionising


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