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A New Men’s Bag By Phillip Lim


Some years ago there was the 31 Hour Bag. Then the Pashli. And somehow, Phillip Lim’s bag department took a quiet, continuous stride. However, this Spring/Summer 2016 line, we see something new that I think will reinvigorate the accessories department.

So so for years, but now it’s back. Next season’s line looks to welcome canvas and leather variations, along with backpacks and duffels. But they don’t seem to make that big of an impression to me. But these totes are gorgeous. And I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I’m not sure what they’re going to be called, but let me call it the 31 Hour Tote

3-1-phillip-lim-mens-details-spring-summer-2016-pfw34 3-1-phillip-lim-mens-details-spring-summer-2016-pfw48

Flared sides, zippered mouth, and unlined leather (as usual) with a flap the goes just right about where the top handles begin. I’m loving these. And I silently cheer for the new styles for Phillip Lim. I’m a fan, and he’s the man!

Images from Fashionishing

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