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Veni, Vidi, Valentino: Fanny Packs Are … Cool?


If I could sum up Valentino the past several seasons, they are the king of prints. Original and daring prints across RTW and accessories. And they are not reserved for women’s lines. They also cater to men. And Spring/Summer 2016 is a great time to throw out prints. But there’s something I can’t wrap my head around when it comes to bags. And here’s why.

We see the usual backpacks, totes, and clutches/folios. We see the wild prints. And they’re amazing. I am in love with Valentino graphic creatives. But other designers are implying something that’s been the butt of jokes in fashion for a long time, is going to be trendy. I didn’t want to believe it. But Valentino is playing the same game. Are you ready for the fanny packs? And would you wear one?

Fanny Packs

It’s cute. The nude rounder ones are so flush to the body that it just could be awesome. Would you rather wear a fanny pack instead of a small sling bag over your shoulder? I guess it all depends. I’m growing into it. But I guess I’m just buying into it solely because of Valentino. Posture wise though, it would feel so awkward. And recalls one-too-many boyscout days.

The rest of the line is awesome too! Check them out.


There were two kinds of backpacks showcased. The bigger bad ass ones below are awesome additions to the collection.

String Backpacks

Sure, sport brands make this kind of bag. But does it make it any special if it’s Valentino? And in full leather? I’m not sure I like them myself, because the original 90s string ones weren’t ever pretty enough. These might make me reconsider though!


The prints are fabulous. And the color blocks are gorgeous. But these are too flat for my eyes. The strip of leather over the zippers aren’t something that makes me want to run to the stores. Zippers on top are understandable, but the ones below? Doesn’t seem to make much sense. And carrying it through your hands don’t look very good, do they? Thank God for the prints, which looks to be the only saving grace for these babies. You think so?


Ah my favorite. East/West, North/South, no problem. Though calf leather is used for handles and trimmings, and though these are normally soft and supple, I still don’t get it why they make them flat, when in fact it becomes painful to hold, when you carry bags in this size. Perhaps it’s one of those style versus function design decisions. I love them anyway!

Images from Fashionising


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