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Only LV Can Getaway With A Name Like Volta


Why the hell is it called Volta? Doesn’t sound good at all! The bag is so wonderful, you wonder why it was called with such an ugly monicker.

Names aside, let the bag shine. It gets a similar feel for me with a Givenchy Pure Pandora. And the LV emblem gets a Capucine treatment in form of a flap. It’s such a beautiful piece.


Color choices aren’t as wide as you’d expect from the catalogue, but seems the focus for now are earth tones, taupe and pink/beige, red and black. There are crocodile versions too, so exquisite, so shush yo’ mouth!

close_up_0 it_s_a_wrap_0 take_after_take_0

The bag opens to a suede interior (beware!!!) and has a nice zipper compartment, back interior, and open pockets at the back and front interior. What a wonderful bag. There is one top handle, and the sling is detachable.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 5.33.09 PM

If the behind the scenes look at LV’s website isn’t enough to make you drool, check out the campaign with LV’s lady of the year, Michelle Williams.

Images from Louis Vuitton

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