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Fendi Brings Fun For Spring/Summer 2016


Another fashion show. Another set of bags to drool over. Nevermind the slick outfits. Let’s get into the bags!

This week’s Fendi Men’s runway gives us By The Way incarnations for men. New Peekaboos. And of course the Bag Bug Backpacks!

Let’s start with some one-offs. Seems Fendi is experimenting on briefcase By The Ways (more on that later) and backpack By The Way Bags. How can you miss these silver leather bags?

There’s also the sole East/West Tote that looks so simple – too simple – but I guess it’s an excuse to add a Bag Bug here and there.

Clutches made a small appearance on the show. Though it’s nothing but fanfare. They’re only fabulous because of the Bag Bugs.

By The Way Briefcase

I’m not entirely sold with the original women’s By The Way bags. Maybe because I’m not a fan of small-ish bags. But for the boys, seems we can enjoy a By The Way Briefcase. The theme seems to be exotic adornments, so we’ll see a lot of micro bags hanging on the bags, and snakeskin crossbody slings.

Bag Bugs Backpacks

Whether you’re fun loving, or silently sophisticated, there’s a variation of whimsy in all colors of the spectrum. Ombre snakeskin, fur, crystals and contrasting stitching is bound to catch your fancy. It’s so good.

Men’s Peekaboo

Of course what would a Fendi Fashion show be without the Peekaboo. Most of them are okay, black with white stitching. The only update I can see are the exotic skin slings, which look a little off. But later in the show, they brought out the ombre snakeskin and that speckled peekaboo (looks like a micro blue camouflage/army print!)

BONUS: Micro Men’s Bags

Of course they don’t serve any function! But to buy one is to hang one and to own one is luxury. The inexplicably small backpacks, and the inexplicably small briefcase looking silver bag, that I don’t even think you can fit an iPhone in!

Images from Fashionising

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