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It’s So Fabulous, They Just Call It The “Shoulder Bag”


A sign something is fancy is for it to speak to itself. And if you haven’t had enough of Valentino yet, here’s another serving. All the elements in one place. Something small, vibrantly printed, studded like Valentino should be, and #camubutterfly. (BURP!)

Valentino ain’t even trying. They have become, undeniably, one of the strongest graphic designer compared to the rest.

05_2x1_Shoulder bag Camubutterfly

Can you see it?

Weather on nylon, canvas, or any form of fabric, the prints speak for itself, and while others are iffy with buying high priced fabric bags with leather trimming, when it comes to this messenger Shoulder Bag, you’re buying it because it’s all about the print.

Butterflies are all the rave. And we have variations to choose from. I especially like the dark camubutterfly prints, but both deserve a slow clap and small corner-of-the-eye tear drop.

Flaps open to a well-to-do interior. Zippered pocket at the back, small side flaps on both ends to keep itsy-bitsy things from falling out. There’s nothing going on in the outer back though, so for bags like this, everything has to go through the ceremony of flap opening, even if you’re just looking for a pen.

These are just adorably sized and looks good over the shoulder or cross body.  The studded strap is so Valentino, but studs are a double edged sword. Have it on your skin the wrong way and they’ll dig in. So mind the flap, and mind the strap. Good thing the fabric is wonderful to touch, and opening it over and over again can make you feel like you’re constantly playing with something fabulous.

Images from Valentino

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