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Valentino is Tote Die For

Tote Die For

Every once in a while, you find a tote that’s just to die for. And, where else would the fabulous be buried, other than the warm comforting feeling of Valentino? Here is the Shopping Bag Vertical Tote.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the circular wrap clasp, or by it’s vertical orientation, but the moment I saw these, my woes with men’s totes have gone once and for all.

Finally, a tote that goes north to south, for men, and has rounded handles! I can’t explain enough how difficult it is to carry a bag with flat handles. The bag has two faces, and I think either one can be the back. On one side is a stitched outer pocket, on the other side is the Valentino imprint. The brand suggests that the logo be used as the one as the back, but sometimes a guy’s got to flaunt it, so the back ain’t so bad as a front.

They open rather nicely with the buckle belt mechanism, which you can leave unhinged, or clasp your day away.

I admit, while having an open tote isn’t always safe, it’s always easier to use. Getting in and out of my own bag conveniently is my foremost concern. Therefore, I have to admit my concerns for safety is overweighed with my concerns with ease of use. So mind where you put them, because you don’t want to accidentally tip your bag and make everything inside it fall out!

The sides have leather loops where the slings are connected. So while you can carry it by hand, or by the crook of your arm, you could also use it over the shoulder or cross body.

Some people prefer a full leather tote, which like me, find the tan leather so fantastic. While others prefer a canvas body. Valentino offers both, and I hope they come out with more selections and materials some day. It’s only a matter of time if these bags become iconically great or limited edition pieces (or a flop!).

Great bag though.

Images from Valentino

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