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Half Off, Carry All: Bally Monogramme Jumbo

I'd like a bag please, and that cute guy's number!

I’d like a bag please, and that cute guy’s number!

I’m not normally a fan of nude, anything light colored leather. It’s crazy to maintain and I die over color transfers. But, should I come across one half off and cool, I won’t put a pass to it.


I love Bally. It’s one of those treasure troves that not many fashionistas go in droves to get the It Bag that everyone wants to have or already has. And when you come across a bag (half off right now!) that is basically a male version of the Bally Sommet, sign me up!

What’s not to love?


It’s big, it’s calf leather, and it has this rocking red suede lining. The unusually big, red Bally logo sprawled across the internal flap to shock you to goodness each time you reach in, I wonder why it was such a flop when it’s such a wonderful bag?


The only awful thing (besides it being so lightly colored) is the handles are flat (and we know how much it’ll eventually hurt our palms!), but with it at 50% sale right now, why not grab one for the fun of it! No slings baby, so you’ll always have to carry by arm, or the Boy and the Bag way, on the crook of your arm!

These babies are also available in Tan and Canvas with leather piping.

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