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In And Out with the Louis Vuitton KeepAll Bandoulière 45

Sorry for being away awhile. I’m just settling into my new place. But now that we’ve settled down, and having stowed my bags and back to my rotation schedules – in hindsight, my move to a new place has proven that the KeepAll let me go out of my old place and into my new one so conveniently.

If you don’t have one yet, I suggest you get one now.

There are two kinds of KeepAlls (in varying sizes and materials). There’s the basic KeepAll, and there’s the KeepAll Bandoulière. The same bag, but with a shoulder strap. And if you’re in the market of getting one, get the Bandoulière.

The difference with the Speedy of course is the supporting leather wrapped below the handles and all around to the base. At the bottom you’ll have a nice criss-cross of the leather strips serving as support for the base and the bag altogether. The KeepAlls are the larger variety, in sizes 45cm, 50cm, 55cm and 60cm. They come in a vast library of styles, customizables, and limited editions, and such.

Handles have a belt that can help you tie the handles together. And if that’s not enough, you can clasp a clock on the double pull zippers to secure the items you have inside. There’s also a luggage tag that you can have engraved with your monogram.

It’s such a great travel bag and you can carry a surprisingly lot of haul with it. Watch out though, and take into consideration where you put this bag. Because there are leather strips across the bottom and with the absence of bag feet, compounded with the fact that the bag sags, the base tends to scuff. And like it’s been said before – treat a bag like trash and it’ll look like one.

What I can say is, this bag is a wonderful must-have. Feel free to share your experiences with your KeepAlls!

Images from TheRealReal.


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