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Be Your Best with Balenciaga


So, the biker rock era has come and gone. Seeing the usual Balenciaga bags, toted around to this day, is a statement that you are trendy… ages ago. That ship has sailed. But before you dismiss the biker studded bags, it might be worth a look before you close your doors.

Personally, the City and Town bags are so worn out, they make me cringe when I see it. However, if you think about it, if a bag design that’s exploded so many years ago is still on the streets, then who are we to say “stop carrying them!?”

Mod Shot

I like North/South Totes. And though the Papier line comes in many sizes and forms, the best one I like is the Papier A5. Sure the naming is based on paper sizes, and maybe because these bags are so soft and light (and crumple like crazy! More on this later…): it looks like something I’d actually buy from the fashion house.

Front Zipper

It comes with the usual Balenciaga face, with studs on the front zippered picket, and both bottom corners. They come with a non-braided (thank goodness!) thinner handles, a much simpler design from the City/Town totes. The handles clasp onto a buckle, you can choose to elongate it a little bit, but I don’t like toting these things over my shoulder. Crook of the arm is okay.


There’s the wide open mouth and zippered sides, which you can keep closed and deal with the inward flaps (which could get in the way), or unzip the sides for the fantastic flared wing. Did you check our the suede lining? Watch out for color transfers on certain colors, but that’s manageable!

Papier? Yes, they crumple.

Papier? Yes, they crumple.

Now sure this bag has great supple leather. Loving the blue (or any other color the brand is carrying for this style), but can you see the crumpling? Awful! Some leather lovers don’t mind this at all. However, it’s something that gets me so much. So the silhouette and design is fascinating, but keeping it pristine might drive you crazy. Who has the time!

Maybe because I'm fine with the bathroom mirror, but this hanging mirror is just ridiculous!

Maybe because I’m fine with the bathroom mirror, but this hanging mirror is just ridiculous!

It’s a cute bag, but a bit nonsensical. The good thing is, you can work you way around it. The hanging leather pullers are signature for Balenciaga, sure. The zippers on the side – when pulled down – end up too long and would definitely hit the ground. Bad idea on rainy days, or dirty roads. These zipper pulls are leather, so you can tie em up all pretty and get over it. Don’t get me started with the hanging leather encased mirror. SMH!

It would be nice to get as a gift though. With my birthday looming by the end of the week! ❤

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