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Distinguishably Dapper Gucci Leather Messenger

Gucci Leather Messenger Collection

Classic goes without saying. And when looking for a staple piece, why not go with Gucci? Everyone needs something to put things in. But not everyone can catch a distinguishably dapper messenger that can suit you rather well.

Gucci Leather Messenger

A good gentleman always has a good, reliable leather bag. And when either rocking out, or suiting up, lugging around this exquisite piece doesn’t feel to be out of place.

This season shows us four varying colors. In Maroon (AKA Bordeaux), Black, Gray and Brown. Fantastic grained leather, and smells oh so good, even months after.

The front flaps have a hidden magnetic clasp. Allowing you to basically let it fall and it will clasp itself. Careful though, magnets are the most awful thing to expose in prolonged times to your precious iPhones, iPads or MacBook Pros! So be careful what you slide through the magnet surfaces.


Of course let’s take the gray as an example!

It has a rather thin profile, so while we like that it’s just a nominally sized bag, don’t expect to be able to fill this in with bulky things.


No top handles, nothing is detachable.

The cross-body sling is adjustable but the distance of the adjustment doesn’t change the length that much. It helps change the drop a bit, just right. But the best part of it is there’s an extra pad of leather that helps cushion if in case you have a heavy load.

Rather odd there's no zipper at the back.

Rather odd there’s no zipper at the back.

It’s rather odd that there’s no zipper at the bags back side. May appreciate an accessible pocket close to their bodies. Messengers can get a bit frilly to go in and out of, because of having to deal with the flap. But I guess it’s a forgivable omission.

Zippers are so overrated!

Zippers are so overrated!

The bag opens up with an open mouth, and on one side is your usual open pockets, and on the other side is the zippered pocket. Truth be told, I don’t like zipper and flap combinations, it’s just too hard! Lined with 100% cotton canvas, be careful. These tend to absorb liquid, and light colored lining can get dirty if not looked after.


These be d’double Gs!

And of course, it wouldn’t be Gucci if it weren’t for the interlocking Gs. What a beautiful emblem to serve as the only indicator to the outside world that you have a Gucci around your shoulders.

The grain is exquisite. It’s just so nice to hold and touch.

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