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Camera Crossbody Crazy: When Going Small, Go Printed!

Camera Bags

Sometimes, a big bag won’t cut it.  And one should have smaller alternatives to match the occasion. What a wonderful little thing to carry around, especially these three favorite loud pieces that stand out like exclamation points!

The Camera BagsCross bodies can become boring the moment you sling it over yourself. And since these are little things, I think it’s only right to entertain the idea that a little thing should bring the most bang. These are my top three favorites!

Saint Laurent Monogram Camera Metallic Patchwork Leather Shoulder Bag


We love Saint Laurent. Seems anything they do turns to gold. So when I came across this monogram dangling cross body square baby, I knew I was in.

Made with patchwork lambskin leather in metallics colors, red, white and black, why wouldn’t be you be razzle-dazzled by this cute small piece. It opens with a double pull zipper, accompanied by a hanging chain with a YSL gold monogram.

Valentino Rockstud Printed Leather Shoulder Bag


Valentino can’t seem to go wrong, no matter how crazy their idea is, it’s always executed crazy good. If you’ve seen these babies in real life, then you’d know what I mean. When I first saw the rainbow print, I was like, meh! But when I saw them in my life, it’s just far too fabulous.

These are made with calfskin and painted on to exceptionally make you feel so happy when you wear it around your body. Studded to the sides as usual, just the way Valentino does it, and has a zippered opening, too. These are seasonal pieces, and don’t let the chances pass you by.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Turn Around Kim Striped Textured Leather Shoulder Bag


Black and white is always in style. And this Turn Around Kim cross body bag is definitely a turner for onlookers. Closing also with zippers like the other two, these cowhide painted leather adorns us with multi directional stripes constructed with panels to form a rather interesting arrangement.

I think this style goes all year round. Just be careful with color transfer, as is with anything leather with white, it tends to darken if you don’t watch what you wear it with.

You don’t need big bags everyday. And sometimes a smaller one is just what you need. Go for bold when wearing small pieces. They always make your outfit so much funner!

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