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Céline Phantom Luggage for the Boys


No there’s no men’s version. But who says you can’t wear one if you’re a boy? Boys carry bags too, you know!

So here we are. I’ve been secretly obsessing about this bag like crazy. And I’m ready for my first Céline. The Phantom Luggage has some key differences from the Mini Luggage though. Let’s ogle the Phantom a bit…

Differences: Flares. Zippers. Size.

If you spend time with the Luggage, you’ll notice that the Phantom has telltale signs that make it different from the Luggage. For the uninformed, they look the same, but let’s play a bit of “spot the difference” which are just the reasons why I’m lusting over this bag.

Flares (Or Wings)

Though the Luggage may have started the flare trend. Maybe even defined the flare silhouette. When the luggage came out, everything suddenly was about the wings. I guess Céline felt so compelled to milk the cow so to speak, that they went bigger and bolder.


Almost like a bat, the Phantom sports a more pronounced side gussets that flare out like wings. These flares aren’t entirely asthetic though. They do give room for more things, like a bottle of water here and there. You could fold the flares inwards, clasping the belts on either side to form a kind of buckle to secure your bag to a squarish size. This is supposedly to tuck things in, though I’m not a fan of wearing the phantom closed.

Ew! Only Phantoms can be squared like this.

Ew! Only Phantoms can be squared like this.


The Phantom doesn’t have any zippers in the mouth of the bag, they just have the wide open mouth! The normal luggage has zippers on the bag’s opening, and it extends to one of the sides of the bag. What the Phantoms have instead are belt like hangers, which you can dangle off the wings or tuck inside.


And since we’re talking about zippers, take note that the Luggages and Phantoms both have similar faces, but the puller on the front pockets are different. While the Luggage has a rounded, almost teardrop shaped zipper pullers, Phantoms have a long, braided zipper puller. That’s one of the easiest telltale signs that someone is carrying a phantom. The Phantom tends to have more frills.

The belt mechanism can hang on the sides, or you can tuck them in for a cleaner look. Front zipper has a long braided leather puller.

The belt mechanism can hang on the sides, or you can tuck them in for a cleaner look. Front zipper has a long braided leather puller.


The Luggage has a rectangular shape, while the base of the Phantom is a more pronounce square. Which is why when carried, it tends to sag. And perhaps it was intentionally made to sag so that you end up with a bigger looking silhouette compared to the “tighter” luggage.


Phantoms come in Medium or Large. And I’m not sure what size to get yet. I can’t wait for the right time to get one!

And the search begins!

I’m not quite sure what color I’ll eventually get, but I’m eyeing some grained variation that always makes me want it more. The smooth leather version the photos from (used in this post) is the smooth leather version in large. And if you look close enough you’ll see scratches as it ages, and I’m not a fan of scratched up expensive bags.

Do you have photos of your phantom? Share some with me please!

Supporting photos from Google Images.


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