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It’s Such A Satchel: the PS1 Extra Large

PS1 Extra Large Leather Satchel for Men

PS1 Extra Large Leather Satchel for Men

There are brands who have one design on everything they make. Though penchant to look and feel boring, it can actually be a testament to lasting, signature looks. It’s only possible if you make a stand out face, and if executed properly, fashion houses like Proenza Schouler is able to translate the same design into various forms (totes, slings, backpacks) and still retain the cool factor. This is where the PS1 comes in.

There’s so much about the Proenza Schouler that it may have plateaued when we talk about hype. But nevertheless, the design is staple, and continues to be very desirable. In many incarnations, the PS line has seen it’s small/medium/large sizes, along with variations such as folios, backpacks, slings. Though many of these are available for women, and while men can still carry them fine, there’s nothing like an especially catered to men kind of design that makes it just the right piece to get in a line of varying leather, colors and sizes.

Gray is my favorite color.

Gray is my favorite color.

Welcome to the family: Flap, harness, and that oh so iconic flap clasp. The bag comes with a top handle, which is always great, making it two ways to carry. Not just because the one we’re talking about is the extra large one. I’ve seen these – in all sizes – and no matter what you do, if you carry this by the top handle, the leather will fold into itself where the handles feel the most pressure. I often fear the leather to be beaten out, so if you’re like me, you’ll reserve the use of the top handle for moving it in short distances, but never for long periods of times. It makes the flap fold into a V shape, and I always get cardiac arrests when these things happen. Others are okay with slouchiness, so I guess to each their own.

You can unclasp the cross body sling. But why would you?

You can unclasp the cross body sling. But why would you?

The sling is detachable. But I tend to never take them off anyway. The rings where you clasp the sling to are fastened with four studs for support, which is always comforting. The leather is really soft and light, like a Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir somehow, so if you’re the type who babies bags – like me – you’d want to mind where you put this bag.

516010_mrp_e1_xlInside is a treasure trove. You have a pocket, a zippered pocket, and an interior set of pockets for a ton of things you’d like to bring. What I love about this satchel is you don’t have to fiddle around with any sort of buckle system. The clasp is secure and easy to close, and when it does open, it’s still a breeze to get in and out of.

Proenza Schouler does the best grays for leather in my opinion, and this dark grey taupish color is just the tip of the iceberg on how great this bag is.

Want one? Shop now at Mr. Porter

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