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Swing These This Spring: the Longchamp Etrier Luxe!

Etrier Luxe Family

I’m still not done in my search for a new open tote. We’ve discussed some that I like from one of our Neverfull articles. But the thing is, though I like to do some gender-bender most of the time, those bags are women’s bags. And sometimes, a boy has to go extra-lengths to find a tote made for men. *giggles!*

So I swung by Longchamp today and checked the men’s section. Lo and behold, the totes section brought something to my attention. Here comes the Etrier Luxe. A bag so wonderfully spacious and open, you’d be a fool not to get one to add to your collection.

Etrier Luxe Taupe

Etrier Luxe Taupe

The bag has a magnetic clasp in the center, has the usual zippered and open pockets inside, and wonderful spacious bag.

Perhaps it’s its being bi-color that appeals to me most. Navy blue and burgundy, or navy blue and taupe.

Etrier Luxe Burgundy

Etrier Luxe Burgundy

The body is in gorgeous and soft calf skin, and the trimmings are of sturdier cowhide. The navy blue handles can be shortened or lengthened, so you can custom fit it if you’re lucky enough to wear it by the shoulders. Lined with printed polyamide, and hardware in black nickel, what can be cooler?

In parts of Asia, however, they have a special treat. It comes in black canvas, with a pop of color (neon yellow). Not sure of its availability worldwide, but isn’t this nice too?

Lucky Asia! Etrier Toile Black and Yellow!

Lucky Asia! Etrier Toile Black and Yellow!

Longchamp is a wonderful brand to keep in tow. They’re so easy to carry and tote around town. I think I found my open tote this Spring! How about you?

Images from Longchamp.

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