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The Many Shapes of a Square Bag


How do you describe this bag? Why is it so alluring? A square slim leather bag with zippered enclosure and top handles and a detachable sling. And yet, it’s not slim, it’s not square.

45234704oc_16_elIt might as well be a shape shifter. If there ever was this versatile a bag, it would be the Bottega Veneta Convertible bag. One shape that it transforms to several ones in how you carry it, or how you fill it up. No one could get away with such a simplistic design other than Bottega. The details are handwoven and the hardware is so subdued. And it’s silent sophistication can be felt in many of their products.

45234704oc_16_rlThe bag is lined with suede and comes in various color options each season. It’s definitely a staple in the Italian fashion house. The interior is rather simple, with a zippered pocket and not much else. it comes with a smart two way zipper, too.

45234704oc_16_dlHere’s the thing, it really is just a slim square tote. But carrying it by the handles make it take on a trapezoid-like shape, where the corners mush downwards. Carrying it by the detachable sling makes it stand up and take on it’s squarish shape. That’s the whole point of the convertible bag. And we love it for it.

The bag is made with the supplest leather, so its inherently slouchy. Sometimes beauty does come in unstructured construction. And ultimately the shape is dictated by what items you put inside it. And for a large bag, it’s a joy to fill up to the brim and see how it makes its own base for itself.


Images from Bottega Veneta.


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