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Five Alternatives to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Alternatives to the Neverfull

Ah the Louis Vuitton Neverfull has always been, and will continue to be, the first love for many bag lovers. But as years have gone by, it’s become all too popular. And it’s because of it’s universally useful shape and size. When dealing with bags, there is a wide variety of alternatives that would serve you just as well, and will help you be a little bit different in a sea of uniform LVs. Let’s read through the five great ones!

louis-vuitton-neverfull-gm-monogram-canvas-icons--M40990_PM2_Front view

In every design, there’s always one that started it all. Or at least the one that wins to rule them all. And while the Neverfull is a great bag in itself, worthy of merit and definitely the top of mind when it comes to open totes, many choosy bag buyers in the market scoff over it because too many people carry it around in the world. So, in  case you secretly want one but don’t want this one in particular, below are five great other ones to choose from!

1. Valentino Camubutterfuly Canvas and Leather Tote

Valentino Camu Butterfly Print Canvas and leather

While the Neverfull closes with a clasp, this Valentino closes with zippers. And though the handles are meant for shoulders, there is a detachable sling that would allow you to carry the bag cross body. Take extra care of the sling though, because if it doesn’t face the right side, it could dig into your shoulders.


It’s a really cute piece. Just as functional. Maybe even more secure than the closures the Neverfull offers. And it’s such a standout piece to behold.

2. Diane von Furstenberg Voyage Large Tote

DVF Voyage Large ToteWhat a wonderful time to carry around this bag. Refreshing and a fashion staple, these DVF Voyage Totes come in varying colors but all in gingham (black and white checkered) print. On the front hangs the DVF charm, and inside is lined with suede.

1017171000_3_zoomThe bag has rings on the straps to let you take them out of the way. Some people like rings, some people don’t care about them. Neverfulls don’t have rings on the handles, and in intense use you could ding the leather where it folds. Zippered pocket inside let’s you hide some of your sensitive things inside an open tote bag.

3. Givenchy Bambi Print Coated Canvas Antigona Tote

Givenchy Bambi Print Coated Canvas

Givenchy is known for great graphic prints. And the Bambi is just one of the many they have produced, and continuously produce more in the future. These bags look both sophisticated and street, and it’s a real ace to your wardrobe.

1011459000_3_zoomJust like the Neverfull, these babies come with a matching printed pochette inside that you can clasp and unclasp in and out of the bag. This is just always a nice treat when buying a bag – to find out they come with something extra!

4. Fendi Roll Leather Shoulder Bag

Fendi Roll Leather SB

So Fendi’s at it again with faces. And why shouldn’t we like it? Eyes and zippered mouth in the front. All leather all around. And fabulously fun!

1005463000_3_zoomThese come with zippered enclosures too. But not to be too blinded, the zippers are poorly executed here. The Camubutterfly tote from Valentino is better in my opinion, because you can strip them apart. The Fendi’s don’t zip apart, and with it’s slim profile, you lose the great wide open mouth you’d get from the Neverfull. To those who think the NFs are too big though, these are great alternatives!

5. Fendi 3Jours Trapeze

Fendi 3Jours Trapeze

Another Fendi, and the most expensive in the bunch! These take open tote shoulder bags a whole new level. Far too sophisticated in construction, and far above the cut from where the Neverfull begins. Winged flare sides, the usual Fendi fob, multi panelled and adorned with hardware that adds up to a more executive levels of styles.


The inside is lined with leather, and has a secret hanging fob inside for a small pochette as well. Closed through magnetic clasps instead of snap-ons,  and the handles swivel along the rings that hold it. It’s a far jump from the casual style of the Neverfull, for sure. But I have a kind of favoritism with Fendi, and while the Neverfull is our base in this list, this is the top of the line alternative that I would pick.

In Summary

When it comes to open totes, get what you like. If you want a Neverfull from Louis Vuitton, don’t not buy it because “everyone has it”. A bag collector’s adventure is not determined by anyone else’s opinion but yours. But if you – like me – want alternatives for the same silhouette, there’s so much out there to check.

Hope this helps you through your bag choices!

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