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Always a Gentleman with the English Briefcase

Angled Left

Every boy needs a briefcase in his closet. It’s a dapper man’s secret. And while there are so much signature brands out there that conveys the message that you’re seriously stylish, there are style secrets around the corner that would make you feel like you’ve tumbled upon a treasure trove.

Frank Clegg Leatherworks is a homey, cool, American brand that specializes in timeless pieces. When I first came across the English Briefcase, I felt the need to gasp. I thought I would just simply poof into thin air… only to realize I had found myself experiencing serendipity.

FrontWith its harness belting style, the strip of leather where the buckles are goes around the bag to serve as its support, and locks your stuff inside, safely tucked.

BackThe briefcase has wonderfully constructed face. The sides are parted, indicative of it’s interior that splits the space in two.

Angled RightThe handles are made of thick rounded leather to make it easy to carry by hand. The leather sling clasps into the rings at the tip of the flap. It’s just too wonderful. Befitting a gentleman.

InteriorInside the bag is parted in the middle, so you can organize your things within two bag interiors. The bag is unlined and shows the raw leather underside. The bag comes with zippered compartments and pockets.


Comes in exotic croc leather, too

It’s such a wonderful piece. And has lasted over decades. How can something so wonderful have so little fanfare? The photos in this post is the bag in Cognac leather, but it comes in many other kinds of colors and leather, and exotic croc too.

Images from Frank Clegg Leatherworks.

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