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Go Ruggedly Handsome with Skull-Print Weekender Bag


Weekender bags shouldn’t be something you baby. They get stacked on top of each other. They get thrown around a lot. So it’s only befitting to go grungy when you’re looking for a work horse weekender to throw your stuff in, and still remain in style.

Where better to get the best skull prints other than Alexander McQueen? Though they didn’t invent it, I’ve never seen a brand carry it so much, it might as well be their monogram. From hardware to prints, skulls have always been their staples. So it’s no surprise to see a weekender by the fashion house carry a skull.

IMG_0819It’s definitely a bag that can weather the time. It’s been vintaged even before hitting shelves!

IMG_0818It’s a big, spacious, supple leather bag. With pockets in the interior, lined with fabric. It opens with a long detachable zip, and comes with side flaps. As a weekender bag, there are some construction concerns though.

The bag’s top handles are long enough for the shoulders. But they are made in thin strips of leather, instead of rounded padded ones. These look simple sure, but not being rounded could make this bag an awful bag to hand carry. Weekender bags are big and gets heavy when filled up, so it’d be painful to palms when carried by hand. And of course you’re gonna fill it up!


The cross body sling is detachable, but not with clasps. Instead, there are studs where you can poke into the holes of the belt-like cross body sling. This is ingenious and beautiful at the same time. Luckily, the cross body slings have an extra pad of leather to make the bag a bit cushiony when you carry it around by the sling.

IMG_0817This bag is a great piece to keep, and definitely unique (because there are too many Louis Vuitton KeepAlls it’ll make your head spin). I like these rugged, supple bags, because they tend to be easy to stow and my heart doesn’t break when I put it on the over head bin or at trunks of cars.

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