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Are The Fendi Bag Bug Charms Worth It?


Bag bugs are driving me crazy. It is, however, a rather controversial accessory. Whether you’re totally in love and would definitely buy one, or pass on it due to its price, lack of sensible use, or morally-driven reasons, we definitely have to ask: is it worth it?

What makes an accessory something you’d want to buy? Well, the Fendi bag bugs are unique, looks distinctive, and just so darn adorable. They hang onto your bag and just swivels and sways, hair waving in the air, and just so super cuddly. Even if you didn’t know what they were, you’d just want to pick them up and touch them.

They are somewhat controversial though. Are you ready to hear it? If in case you hadn’t already, they are made of real fur – actually, several kinds: mink, fox, goat, and rabbit furs (often used in combinations to make the charms), with genuine leather trimmings here and there.

Many think it’s too much and has sparked debates between animal rights activists and the fashion industry in general (not just Fendi).

I understand the use of fur for coats. They have a purpose: they can keep you luxuriously warm on winter. Much to the origins why fur was used in the first place. Though there are alternatives – such as faux fur, fleece, or good leather alternatives to keep you warm and just be as luxurious, and just as fashionable.


But to be harvesting fur for a bag charm, with no other purpose but to make your bag look cute, is a bit disconcerting. It doesn’t have any zippers to serve as a holder for a pack of gum, or your iPhone. It doesn’t help you organize things when you dig through your bag. It doesn’t really do anything other than fulfilling its duty as bag charms. They cost so high that it’s as expensive as a new leather handbag altogether.

If money wasn’t a question, I’d buy a charm here and there. My moral compass leads me to believe that you can decide where to spend the money you make yourself. However, money not being an object is most commonly wishful thinking for the most of us.

Are you willing to use your spending money on a bag charm? Or would you rather buy another bag instead?

Images from Fendi


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