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Business Casual with the Louis Vuitton Satchel

louis-vuitton-satchel-cuir-taurillon-men-s-bags--M50144_PM2_Front viewI simply can’t get enough. The Louis Vuitton Satchel is just as astonishing as satchels could ever be, and quite frankly puts every other satchel and messenger out there to shame. and why shouldn’t it? Read more and see just why this piece is so special.

LV has one of the best leather in the market. Which is why there’s so much premium in their leather pieces. They also make the most popular coated canvas in the market, too. And what drives this bag up to the upper echelons of bags out there, is a double whammy of premium items.

louis-vuitton-satchel-cuir-taurillon-men-s-bags--M50144_PM1_Interior view

Leather on the outside. Monogram coated canvas on the inside (and trimmings too). Has it driven you wild yet? Just the right size and just perfect for everyday, the bag has a top handle by the flap, and a nice cross body sling so you can carry it either hands free or attaché case style.

These kinds of bags tend to fold onto your side though, so I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this wear and fold over the time you use it. Bags with handles on the flap tend to fold onto the pressure points, so watch out for that too!


In the absence of bag feet, the bag’s base is supported by strips of monogram coated canvas – similar to other same-season bags – at both ends. These coated canvas sure is not metal, but they’ve proven their worth to stand the test of time.

What an exciting bag to look at. Don’t miss the chance to see them in store and on the website as these babies tend to remain limited edition pieces!

Images from Louis Vuitton and

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