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Grab and Go: the East West Cuir Taurillon by Louis Vuitton


What a wonderful open tote. Louis Vuitton stores are stocked and ready to take your orders. And one of my favorites: an open tote called East West is the easiest go-to bag to fall in love with.

The familiar smile stitch, cuir taurillon leather, with trimmings and its entire lining made of the monogram canvas, there’s so much to love about this bag that I have to say, this is the one I like the most!

louis-vuitton-east-west-tote-cuir-taurillon-men-s-bags--M50145_PM2_Front view

With it’s optional sling, and gorgeous leather, I hope this stays on the racks and becomes one of the French fashion house’s staples for years to come. (New men’s bags do tend to fade away after they’ve sold out).

So far I’ve only seen the tan ones available on line, but they come in yellow and black too!


The base is protected by two strips of coated canvas. The handles are slim and made of the same material. It has a wide room for practically anything, and will serve you well as a day bag or an overnighter. Just look at that size!


Drooling yet? Head on over to LV’s website and get one!

Images from Louis Vuitton and

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