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Sick Style with the LV Doctor’s Bag


Welcome back as I try my best to keep calm and hold on to my wallet! The Louis Vuitton Men’s Section has a lot of new great finds so easy to fawn over! Let’s continue with our favorites shall we?

It debuted in the Men’s Spring Summer 2015 show in this yellowish, tan-ish, cuir taurillon leather. Thump, thump, thump, down it went to the runway like a dream.


Seems LV has a fondness with a stitch that smiles. And belted sides.

Trimmed with monogrammed coated canvas, with a luggage tag, handle belts, and side belts that secures the bag in, and leads you to an amazing interior. If you didn’t believe me the first time I told you that the bags are lined with the same monogram canvas you see on many of LV-staples, hold on to something because here it goes!

louis-vuitton-doctor-s-bag-cuir-taurillon-men-s-bags--M50143_PM1_Interior view

With a hard base and double pull zippers, the opening plops open like a mouth to give you wide access to your bag. The smile stitch is a wide slim pocket where an iPad could nicely sit. Or perhaps an agenda. If in case a double pull zipper is not secure enough, the side belts help you secure the bag further.  The bag also has a zippered pocket inside – of which I never tend to use anyway.



It’s a wonderful structured bag, and now available online so you can play fashionable doctor – even if you don’t have a PhD!

louis-vuitton-doctor-s-bag-cuir-taurillon-men-s-bags--M50143_PM2_Front view

Images from Louis Vuitton and

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