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Man Up with the Louis Vuitton Zipped North South Totes

NSTotesSpring Summer 2015 in LV’s men’s runway introduced us to a set of new men’s bags to lust over. And it’s been worth the wait! Now is the time to buy as the line’s bags are available now for orders online and in stores. Let’s discuss my favorites, starting with the Zipped North South Totes.

What’s most interesting looking at the backstage shots of this LV’s runway show was how they used the monogram. Bags were full leather, which is always a treat with Louis Vuitton. But, you’ll notice that the bags from this line have one interesting theme going along. They are lined with the famous monogram coated canvas. For shock value and price point reasons I guess. No special reason why other than fabulous!


What I like about this bag is the trimmings are also in monogram coated canvas. Making it quietly but definitely Louis Vuitton. The sides have belts you can unhinge to make side wing flares. And if you feel like it, you can clasp them together to achieve a nice sleek silhouette.

NSTotes Belted
Double zipped top and just simply gorgeous, these are exciting times for the men’s bags department at Louis Vuitton.

Thanks Shopping Bag Man for photos in real life, and Louis Vuitton for the pics! Join us all throughout the week for more Louis Vuitton!


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