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Sommet Like It Hot


Okay, so… it’s not an Hermes Birkin. It’s not a Celine Tie Tote. But if the Birkin and Tie Tote made a baby together, the Bally Sommet would be it.

In a friendlier price point, and if you’re fond of similar-but-not-popular fashion to retain a sense of  individuality in a pool of recognizable iconic bags, the Bally Sommet is the way to go.

No screaming logos. In a love-it-or-hate-it form factor. Some scrutinize the similarity with the Birkin with the way the handles are stitched. See that middle stitching? Yes very Birkin. Celine Tie Tote similarities is the top front flap (which you know are Birkin influences) which you can prop to the front, or tuck onto itself.


And of course the flared sides which you can wing outward. Or belt inward.


The top handles have a nice belt to keep the handles propped up and together at all times. The interior is lined with leather. I’ve seen styles of this where the interior leather is of a different color, others take on the same color.


The Sommet is a pretty nice bag. Though the number of people who carry it is a bit scarce, it’s hard to see how it wears over time. My biggest concern is the handles are positioned to low in the bag’s body. Bags like this tend to make the top half drop and sag. And people fond of bags like this don’t normally like slouchy bags. Or am I just talking about me?

Also, bags this wide need a little bag feet. But perhaps taking a design cue from Givenchy, the base don’t have metal feet. Rather, they have three strips of leather that acts as the feet. So I guess three is a bit of oddness.


I’d like to have a bag like this someday. But perhaps only after I’ve quenched my thirst for Celines. Though, some like the Sommet, and would skip all the saturated styles of Celine.

Are you aching to get one? Let us know!!!

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