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How the Sac De Jour Broke My Heart

sac de jour ysl

I’ve been lusting over the Sac De Jour for a long time now. From the first time it came out, up until recently, it had a calling that speaks to me. Until one day, my bubble burst. And here’s why.

Two years ago, Christmas season, having come back from a fabulous vacation from Phuket, the Saint Laurent store in my area had displayed the SDJs in all colors. I was on the hunt for a bag and I’ve seen the SDJs online, but it was my first time to see one in person.


The SA was so nice she let me carry it around, open it up, and relish the bag at the crook of my arm while standing in front of a full body mirror. It was an amazing bag to carry. However, I brought home a different bag with me that holiday.

I kept praying on the Saint Laurent bag though. Kept thinking about it. Made an effort to avoid it on stores because it’d only be a bigger sin. But time went by, and as I found myself in the market for a major luxury bag again a year later, I went back to the Saint Laurent boutique. Only to be shocked.

The bags come in different sizes, and I am always only interested in the big ones. However, seems the store (at least the one I visited) kept stock of many colors in the medium size and not so much on the large ones. Then, I had been informed that the older big ones had different dimensions – a more rectangular shape; to the newer large ones – which have a more squarish presence. Apparently, the bags have been trimmed here and there.

Old Large Sac De Jour dimensions 11.75″ tall, 15.75″ wide, 6.25″ sides
New Large Sac De Jour dimensions 10.4″ tall, 14.2″ wide, 7.4″ sides

Slight differences. Gray older dimensions. Blue newer dimensions. (Approximation)

Slight differences.

Gray older dimensions. Blue newer dimensions. (Approximation)

The new stiffer large ones are a bit shorter, a bit square-ier, and a bit space-ier. The older large ones, I was told, were bound to be slouchier as it ages, and take on a more pronounced “rectangularity”.

So I kindly asked to see the gray one – the perfect color choice for me – and they only had one in stock: the display. As I handled the bag, I noticed the front panel was slouched inward. The hanging leather tag has scratched and taken on a pinkish hue, the front had impressions and scratches. The worst part of it is the bottom metallic feet had faded from gold to silver.

Bags wear over time sure. But you can't buy brand new at full price for a bag that's gotten mileage on it.

Bags wear over time sure. But you can’t buy brand new at full price for a bag that’s gotten mileage on it.

All forgivable somehow, if it was on sale. But, to my surprise, they were selling it to me for full price! I know my EQ is low and I’d have given up all cons for the love of the bag, but Saint Laurent seems to not have been on my side. Even though the first generation older ones are of rarity these days, and my love for the SDJ is off the charts, I have enough sense in me that I can decide not to fork out full price for a bag that’s got quite a mileage on it.

I hoped for a manager to swing by and intervene somehow, but no one came. It was just me and the SA – who can’t call the shots for things like this. So I had nicely returned the bag to it’s display rack, and took one last glance. I may never get to buy an SDJ that size and that color in pristine condition ever again. I may learn to love the new boxy-sized large ones in the future though. But for now, I’m over all heart broken.

    Maybe I'll grow to love the new dimensions of a smaller large someday.

Maybe I’ll grow to love the new dimensions of a smaller large someday.

Sometimes, bags are time capsules. And a person can miss it if they’re unlucky. Or … if you’re very fortunate… you’ll find yourself at the right time, at the right moment, with your perfect bag to add to your collection. For now the Sac De Jour has left me feeling sad and heartbroken…

I’ll be okay of course!

Images from Google Images.


  1. Hi! I have the old large SDJ in black. It is slightly slight but literally does not have a scratch on it. I like the newer boxier ones better and want to swap it out, so if you are ever in the market for the old larger one, let me know. I am looking to sell mine for about $2,000 🙂


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