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Funky Maxi Featherweight Ebury Continues to Shine Every Season


It starts with fascination. And sometimes, a little bit of push, a little but of shove, you’ll find yourself in love. Or obsessed. Where do we begin with Anya Hindmarch?

Form factor alone, this bag is already stunner. Called the Maxi Featherweight Ebury, a big open tote bag with snap sides you can snap in for a boxier form factor, or snap out for some flare. In the beginning, they were nice. But not as lust worthy as others. However, season after season, Anya Hindmarch’s line has grown to be something you just desire.


Perhaps they’ve established the form factor in the beginning, and since clean lines were always the basis for great bags, a bit of pizzazz only made it better. Soon after they incorporated breakfast labels, kindergarten elements like eyes and thought balloons, stickers, and cute smiley faces as adornments.

Though the bag comes in several sizes, I don’t much care about them. The Maxi size is the best one. And what I can’t get over it is, though the bag is maxed out, it doesn’t sacrifice the weight. I’ve chanced upon AH bags and it really is featherweight. The quality of the leather is just as sturdy though. Though they feel like a Grown Up’s bag, the recent twists on this line makes it look like being a grown up is so fun! Just check out the smiley laser cut ones!

Smiley Maxi Featherweight Ebury  (3)

This week Anya held a runway for Fall/Winter 2015 and the fun is just beginning. Called “Diversion,” Anya makes use of orange cones, construction signs, and exit posts. It’s too fierce to describe. And although I’m a fan of neutral colors, if there was one red bag I’d want in my closet, this would be it.


Or the blue one!

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