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Elegance in Print: Fendi Crocodile Print Nylon Backpack and Tote

Fendi Croc Nylon Print Backpack and Tote

Let’s not discuss how extensively expensive crocodile leather is. We can talk about that another time why such exotic skins are ridiculously expensive. The appeal of the texture and pattern is always a great way to spruce things up. And when you can’t go crocodile, why not settle for a print?

How can I deny my love for Fendi? Unconventional twists to the sophisticated tastes is always titillating. And in Fendi’s foray of fun, funky bags, these totes and backpacks aren’t running behind a long run of fascinating Fendi pieces.

The Crocodile Print Nylon Backpack

Crocodile leather gets to be heavy on big bags. So it’s doing your back a favor (and your wallet) going print. Nylon is lighter, softer, and more comfortable to wear. Making it Fendi makes it oh-so-different though.Backpack Croc Print Nylon 1

Genuine calf leather details, and exquisite black and white print on nylon. The beauty is on the details. The prints are perfectly aligned and constructed seamlessly, making it as every bit fabulous as Fendi is.

The Crocodile Print Nylon Tote

I’m a huge tote fan. Can’t get enough of them. And honestly, between the two, this is the one I’ll be running after. Comes with genuine leather details too. Along with the same exotic print and wise color ombre of white to black. The only thing I wish I could change are the handles. They are flat and would tend to hurt if carried by hand or on the crook of your arm. As totes this size tend to have room allowing you to load it with more stuff.

Tote Croc Print Nylon 2

There doesn’t seem to be any slings to allow you to wear it cross body (which in my opinion is perfectly fine). What I like about this tote is it’s so easy to get in and out of, having an open mouth at the top.

Want one? Shop now at

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