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On Valentine’s Day, Go Valentino

Valentino Spring Summer 2015 Hero

Spring Summer 2015. Here we are. Valentino runs the best prints of late. And Why would you shy away from them? If the scarf isn’t stunning enough, wait till you see the sneakers and backpacks.

While the Men’s Apparel are laden with dizzyingly gorgeous prints, the bags take on a muter hue, but taking color from the palette so classy, you’d wonder why you never wore prints at all.

Valentino Sping Summer 2015 2

Valentino Spring Summer 2015 1

Valentino Spring Summer 2015 3

The backpacks look school boy dapper, and come in a rectangular shape, with a locked flap concealing the opening of the front pocket. And, it’s color blocking like a boss. They come with a top-handle so you can carry it with your hand (are you fierce enough to carry it at the crook of your arm?), and the usual dual slings for your backs. Could you just check out those sneakers!?

So if you want to send your boy a bag, go Valentino on Valentine’s.

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