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By The Way, Peekaboo and Bag Bugs! Fendi Men’s Runway: F/W 2015

Men's Peekaboo (31)

Hold on to something because Fendi’s Runway for Fall/Winter 2015 is a big one! As I write this, I’m drinking warm coffee and I can feel my pulse coursing through me, thumping a million times per second. Get ready for a megapost!

Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2015 is all about texture. So in many of the bags you see unique ombre suede/smooth leather, calf hair, wool, and of course crocodile skin. Micro adornments come with new styles of the Fendi bag bug, apple slices, and smiley faces in your favorite fluffy forms.

Backpacks continue to be a staple offering. Not only do we have one, but Fendi made two! By the way, they take on elements of the ladies’ By The Way bag. We’ll see more of these By The Way inspirations in later bags.

I think they sell the soccer balls too!

Clutches come in to picture. Or should I call them Folios? Anyway, these also come with By The Way details. You can easily tell with the side handles. Double stud movables, or crocodile tail.

Open Totes with leather handles and wool body. Now these are new. They have a side strap to serve as a carrier for your coat, umbrella, scarf, maybe even a newspaper!

Men’s Peekaboo: It wouldn’t be a Fendi Fashion Show without the Peekaboo. Of course! Don’t faint!

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