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Class and Classic: Dior Homme Runway: F/W 2015

Briefcases (5)We love Dior, of course. The very manly Dior Homme collection is spruced up with small hanging micro-adornments. We know of course this was Fendi‘s fashion forefront. But Dior is Dior and we love them anyway!

Let’s start with the Backpacks. Almost every men’s Fashion Runway sport backpacks now, except for a few brands. And Dior is no exception joining in the bandwagon that looks to continue to be on our backs for a few more seasons. (Check out the crocodile leather tag!)

Backpack (2)

Backpack (1)

Carryalls are a man’s staple accessory. A boy’s bag closet should have at least one! We see the hanging accents more pronouncedly here, with the micro backpack, key fob and tags.

Carry All (1)

Carry All (2)What kind of line would this be without Briefcases and Totes? Dior defines the basic collection very succinctly.

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