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Color Blocking Clutches. Or Fondling Folios. Valentino Men’s Runway: F/W 2015


Valentino this year seems to be all about color blocking, and clutches. Fall/Winter 2015 is all about shapes, lines, Vs, and color combinations. Let’s not forget the backpacks and totes though! Click on and let’s ogle and drool!

Backpacks make a strong appearance here. Simple construction and complicated color combinations may be hard to balance, but boy do we love how these turned out.

Totes are in scarcity though. But it made up for being a fabulous wool army print.

Camou Tote

If you’re a fan of small sling bags, you’re in luck. We have a phone holder necklace thing in the run way. And for sure they’ll have more colors when these hit the stores. Besides, all you need is your phone, some cards, and some cash, right? To boot, check out that fabulous leather jacket!

That’s not all. Valentino’s iconic men’s bag comes in the form of a clutch. Or should I call it folio? Sit back and enjoy this megapost of a million clutches with a million color combinations it’ll make your head spin!

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