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Homme My God. It’s The Hermès Men’s Runway: F/W 2015

Tote Maroon (5)

Hermès has always had a rather conservative men’s line. Most of their leather goods focus and celebrate the Lady, but never the boys! So most of the time we get slack from people who think that Birkins, Kellys, and other Hermès bags don’t look good on guys. If F/W 2015’s runway is any indication of what is to come, I hope that we get to see a better line for men this year.

Though the bags are mostly black, they come with fun embossed leather designs that quell any boring business. Let’s start small, and go big in the end!

Clutch: the usual Hermès men’s design. Top handle and flaps.

Attache Case: but not your usual file holder. They come embossed with a fun old school camera.

Business Briefcase: You can’t be too serious. These ones are stamped with an odd choice, snorkeling gear!

Totes: This is the pièce de résistance. Big, sexy, equestrian sides. And to set it aside from all the blacks, we have some in maroon that is just divine.

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